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Alzheimer's Caregivers Share Amazing Results 

KJ: "We are sold-out Christians and want to encourage you, because God has used you to help my husband's mother, who has Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s. Both he and his dad were afraid they were losing his mother because she was so unresponsive at times and couldn't hold a normal conversation some days. We used to play cards and she loved sewing but she couldn't do it at all anymore for six months—until she started on your supplement regimen. She isn't perfect and once-in-awhile forgets the rules, but we are back to playing Euchre with a vengeance! Now, she is back in her sewing room, sewing and repairing things once again! She has regained almost all the around she had lost in the area of her mind, for the past couple of years! You work is vitally important. You ARE making a difference!

RA: "My husband was diagnosed a year ago with Alzheimer's. Friends told me about the Over-the-counter supplements you recommended when you gave a speech at the church. I started him on it eight or nine days ago. Today, I was out of the house for a little while. When I came in he told me I had a call.., and who it was that called! I was shocked! He hasn't been able to do that for a long time! I need more of your information.

JL: "Mom is so much better than she was 4 years ago. But, she won't take most of her vitamins or supplements unless it's in liquid or chewable form, except PS in powder form. I found a liquid PS: "Neuro Nectar, by Buried Treasure at Life Line Foods! The number: 800-216-3231. It is also available at Herbs Pro.com.
I'm giving Mom 4 tsp of organic coconut oil daily, on toast or in other foods. I've read of great success with many people with advanced Alzheimer's, using organic coconut oil daily. Mom had psoriasis for many years, I rub the oil into her skin. Her skin is soft, not scaly and big spots are now small. Mom's doctor is amazed with her progress and doesn't need to see her for a Year! His father had severe Alzheimer's and a painful death. Having Mom as a testimony has been encouraging for him. I hope she gives him hope for his patients. He said, "Whatever you are doing, keep it up!"

AM: "I saw your story on CBN news, how God helped you to help your husband to come back from Alzheimer’s. My family and I are looking for answers for Mom. She is on Aricept and is a diabetic, and is on insulin. We're concerned that Aricept would con¬flict with PS. We haven't given her any PS for fear it could mix negatively with her meds. Please help us understand about PS. We are seeking God's mind on mother’s condition. She is 78. Any information would be greatly appreciated.

SN: "We've enjoyed reading and listening to everything from you... not only helpful, but well done also. Thank you for our phone consultations, your positive, upbeat attitude and the hope that you present. My husband is on your protocol... we have full trust in the Lord for his healing. We will keep you informed. Please keep up your helpful, inspiring ministry.

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Alzheimer's Victims Can Feed Their Brain! No More Foggy Thinking!

Among the numerous health books and booklets that I receive, recently one really made me stop what I was doing, and read it from cover to cover!

It started out talking about an amazing "Miracle Molecule" that has been studied in over 130,000 published papers. Doctors viewing clinical studies and medical trials are calling it a "secret weapon" in preventing and reversing heart, brain and poor circulation problems.

Dr. Nathan Bryan reveals an all natural, scientifically-tested remedy. It's called Nitric Oxide, or "N-O."

"N-O" is a powerful gas molecule, the "Miracle Molecule" already exists in your body! It penetrates cells and sends signals to get your cells to take action. "N-O" keeps Brain Cells communicating with each other. "N-O" gets your body, and Brain to take action, and it needs an adequate supply for your good

However, after you reach age 40, your "N-O" levels get extremly low. No wonder, your body is breaking down! Even if you eat right and exercise. Japanese researchers found a 75% decline in Nitric Oxide ("N-O") levels in people 70 to 80 years old, compared to 20 year olds!

Without enough "N-O" your Brain cells may not receive the proper signals to communicate correctly. Or Brain cell decay results in age-related Alzheimer's, dementia or memory loss.

This information helps us understand we need more "N-O"! Yet, most doctors tell you to lower your blood pressure or cholesterol or lose weight. They never tell you to RAISE your levels of "N-O."

A quote from the book:
"N-O is so widely studied that there's a medical journal--called "NITRIC OXIDE--that is devoted solely to reporting the healing benefits of N-O!"

"N-O" is truly the "Miracle Molecule." It already exists in your body. However, if you are over 40 the American Heart Association states: "Americans over 40 don't produce enough Nitric Oxide."

The book has several Thermographic images that you can see for yourself how your body responds immediately to the supplement the "NEO40 Daily lozenge." The lozenge allows the good bacteria and saliva in your mouth to activate nitric oxide function. Your body gets significant boost of N-O in less than 30 minutes.

I particularly appreciated several Thermo-graphic Images of a man's head, which showed before and after taking one lozenge of "NEO40 Daily." In 14 Seconds the "NE040 Daily" boosted circulation in the brain!

Three scientists who discovered the power of "N-O" were awarded the Nobel Prize!

The "Miracle Molecule" means no more Foggy Thinking! What do you have to lose? I wish it had been available 10 years ago to help Bill! But, it's available now. Great testimonies about healing.

To claim a 100% RISK FREE supply of "NEO40 Daily" lozenges, call: 1-888-811-8597.

"Feel Better or Pay Nothing." I recommend you ask for a copy of the booklet. It is inspiring.

If you are experiencing memory loss or Foggy Thinking, I believe these lozenges would be helpful to anyone...


A very upfront and personal interview with Nita and Bill Scoggan, which focused on their life after Bill was diagnosed with Alzheimer's in January 1999.

GREAT NEWS: You can order the DVDs,of the two hour program, from God's Learning Channel's Bookstore! It is really inexpensive -- less than $20.00 with shipping!. Just ask for Bill and Nita Scoggan's program., and would be very helpful for studying and applying what you will learn. Or the DVDs would be helpful to give or share with anyone who is a caregiver of a loved one with Alzheimer's,dementia or "early onset memory loss!"

The Television program, "Southwest Life" produced at God's Learning Channel (GLC) in Odessa, Texas. It was aired on satellite,that made it available to Alzheimers victims' families -- almost worldwide!

The response was staggering. Hurting caregivers, who had no hope of a loved one, with dementia or Alzheimer's regaining any lost abilities! They never heard of anyone recovering! They were thrilled to see and hear Bill talking and answering uestions on the program.

People from 5 or more countries wrote or emailed us asking for more informtion on nutrition, vitamins and supplements. Their stories are heartbreaking! I know the pain Alzheimer's or memory loss can cause!

I know the rejection as a caregiver when the dementia victim treats you like an enemy! I've been through it myself. It is a joy to be able to let families know it's available in the book(s) I've written and on the two professional documentaries i've had produced.

Because Dementia and Alzheimer's disease is increasing all over the world, the owners of God's Learning Channel wanted to give HOPE to families who were caring for Alzheimer's victims.

When the invitation came from God's Learning Channel Television Nita and Bill accepted this great opportunity to tell hurting families and caregivers of Alzheimer's victims, that there is the possiblity to regain lost abilities.

The TV program would be seen almost all over the world. The GLC-TV station owners are fine Christians, and delightful hosts. They asked when did I realize Bill had Dementia? I replied that I had no idea what was wrong, but he didn't want to get out of bed or didn't want to go anywhere. He didn't talk much, instead of being pleasant. But, she felt they needed to leave Washington, DC and give up their ministry at the White House and the Pentagon -- and move to Bill's hometown in Indiana, where his brothers and sisters lived.

I took Bill to the doctor in January 1999, and he was diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease and put on Aricept. The doctor told Nita there is NO CURE for dementia or Alzheimer's, and NO HOPE of recovery! I was told to get all the legal paperwork done, while he "could still write his name!" She couldn't believe he would forget how to write his name, but the doctor said "He won't even remember his name -- and he won't remember you!"

I did find a lawyer who focused on elder care, and helped get paperwork done. I also took Bill to other doctors and neurologists for their diagnosis. Every one agreed Alzheimer's and they all told me THERE IS NO CURE and NO ONE EVER RECOVERS.

Everyone ordred Aricept. He was given 10mg daily and I kept him on it for over 4 years. He just got worse and worse. Meanwhile, I was doing research for 2 years, hoping to find a natural cure. God led me and I did the research, then wrote a book, and produced a documentary. Share this wonderful news with everyone you know who is a caregiver! You could change lives, and give people hope for an Alzheimer's victim..

Join Nita's Preferred Alzheimer's Warrior Consulting Program

Nita has 3 exciting new programs that offer clients one-on-one time with Nita. Feel free to ask as many questions as you have. As a University faculty educator for years, Nita will provide as many answers as time permits, in down-to-earth, easy-to-understand language. She understands your pain and heartbreak as you watch your loved one losing physical and mental abilities. Nita's desire is to give hope and help to as many hurting families as possible.

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Check Out Nita's Multimedia Page!!!
Nita and Bill have done numerous interviews on television and radio shows about Bill's amazing recovery from Alzheimer's. Our new multimedia page allows you to watch these interviews and learn about Nita and Bill's plan to beat Alzheimer's.

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Recover From Memory Loss: a True Life Story Documentary -

Want Proof That Memory Loss Victims Can Recover?

Doctors and health professionals are forbidden to tell you about the information shared on my DVD Documentary “Recovery from Memory Loss: a True Life Story.” They cannot recommend, nor claim any benefits of taking vitamins or supplements.
Companies that produce vitamins and supplements are prohibited by law from saying any of their products can heal an illness. It doesn’t matter how many studies have proved that supplements enabled many Alzheimer’s patients recover lost abilities. The Dietary Supplement Health Education Act of 1994, forbids doctors and supplement manufacturers from claiming any natural products can prevent or cure any disease.
I am a Research Analyst and Health Journalist, not a doctor, so I am free to share my husband’s amazing recovery from memory loss. I tell you what “they” don’t want YOU to know, about the healing power of herbs, vitamins and supplements. Get my Documentary now!  There is nothing like it!
Desperation led me to research nutrition and vitamins, when doctors said there was “No cure! Only this pill – better find a Nursing Home.”
In the comfort of your home you can watch the Documentary – proof that “Recovery from Memory Loss” was real. Hear professionals that knew my husband – from Alzheimer’s diagnosis to recovery. Our lawyer, who is also a judge. Our Dentist, who has many Alzheimer’s patients. Our Pastor and wife, both had parents with Alzheimer’s, so they knew we faced a grim future. Our friend, Dean of OCU-B, who  encouraged and prayed for us through it all. They share observations, expecting Bill’s abilities to deteriorate; instead, to their astonishment – he just kept improving, both mentally and physically!

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Receive my new ezine documentary - NOTHING IS INCURABLE FOR GOD, about the true life story of Alzheimer's survivor Bill Scoggan. Bill Scoggan (my husband) lives at home with me, not in a nursing home! I enjoy him everyday – that is the greatest gift I could ask for! But, YOU have asked to see Bill doing ordinary chores – and you wanted to hear Bill talking with people. I prayed and felt this is an important way to encourage hundreds of families. You can to see Bill is doing great, feeling fine – with no memory problems!

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2 Piece Package Includes:

1.  The Documentary providing proof that it is possible for Alzheimer's victims to regain lost abilities! 2 DVDs tell what our doctor called "a miracle."  Rejoice as you watch  "Recovery from Memory Loss:A True Life Story"
2.   The Documentary "Nothing is Impossible With God," let's you see and hear "Bill, the "Miracle Man" as he starts up his John Deere mower and cuts our lawn - something he couldn't do for ten years!  You'll see Bill helping me in the kitchen, things he didn't remember how to do - until he recovered skills he lost as an Alzheimer's victim.

Bill tells of growing up on an Indiana farm with seven brothers and sisters. Then, enlisting in the Air Force.  Bill recalls his military and then civilian career at the Pentagon. Bill's interview closes talking about our 14+ years of weekly Chaplaincy ministry at the White House for staffers. We show President Clinton's letter of appreciation to us, also the beautiful plaque, showing the three Presidents: Reagan, Bush and Clinton, who were in office during our ministry.  We were honored with these gifts at our farewell luncheon in the Indian Treaty Room.

Bill's memory is now "sharp as a tack!"

What God did for Bill, He could do for you.

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That's a Little Thing for God - CD - LittleThinkForGod-CD
Do you believe in miracles? I am shocked at the people including some Pastors who don't believe they are happening today! Just in the Bible days! However, miracles are happening today. I have made a CD "That's a Little Thing for God." In the CD I tell of astonishing miracles that have happened when I've been asked to pray for people. On the CD I tell of many miracles, some were so amazing I could hardly believe it, when I prayed for God to show Himself mighty and that whatever the need was... I always said to the needy person: "That's a Little Thing for God!"

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